Naturally Crafted Contracting is committed to sustainable practices not just as a business practice but as a way of life.

Sustainability starts at the individual level, from being aware of the energy and water one consumes, to the way you dispose of trash, recycling and food scraps.

On the business level we continue to adapt to greener practices on our sites, in the office and in the products we order.

Sustainability is not just good business practice, it is necessary in adopting to do your part to combat climate change, pollution and wasteful practices.


Traditional demolition is one of the most wasteful processes in our society. Most building components can be either recycled or re-used in another project. To see an old building turned into a pile of rubbble destined for the landfill is not only non-sensical but also extremely wasteful.

Deconstruction is a process that dismantles buildings piece by piece in order to separate appropriate materials to the proper recycling depots. Any elements of the building that can be re-used such as cabinets, windows and doors, flooring and all lumber are removed skillfully and brought to the appropriate recyclers.

We keep any dimensional lumber for our projects, either in house finishes or client furniture. Ideally we deconstruct lumber from a house to then process and put back in as the finishes.

Construction Waste Management

In line with our deconstruction and reclaiming practices, we separate and dispose of waste and recycled materials to the appropriate depots.

Construction waste from residential demolition and construction accounts for roughly 55% of all waste going to our landfills - MetroVancouver Waste Composition Study. We maximize our materials through careful ordering and ensure all clean wood is either re-used or recycled.

Throughout a build, our goal is to send only the absolute necessary materials (painted wood, plywood scraps, etc.) to the landfill. We keep our sites clean and organized to ensure safety and a functional work environment.

Reclaiming and Salvaging

Naturally Crafted are reclaimed wood specialists. We live in a province and a city that is wood rich. The lumber that is salvageable through deconstruction is normally from old growth trees that has been drying out for decades and rough sawn to show the character of the logging industry from the past.

What is considered a waste product to most is the essence of most of our projects. Knowing how to process this lumber efficiently and altering it minimally is the key to our success in this front. When we have extra wood from a project we build custom furniture or store it to be used on the next project.

Passive House

Passive House is a method of building that started in Germany through the PassivHaus Institute and has been established now in North America (CanPHI). This method, unlike other green practices, is monitored through time, tested and proven to deliver the highest energy efficient buildings that are thermally comfortable, airtight and intelligently designed and built.

The basics are: passive solar orientation, thick thermal envelope with minimal thermal bridges, triple-pane insulated frame windows and doors, HRV for fresh air and residual heat. From the basics you can incorporate several other green building design features such as photovoltaic panels, on-demand water, green roofs, etc. At Naturally Crafted, we strive for Passive House builds and would love to talk about your new home plans and how we could build it to the maximum efficiency.