Naturally Crafted are sustainable home contracting and reclaimed wood specialists.

We offer an array of services from new home construction, small and large renovations to custom woodwork pieces.

As with all our products and services, achieving the highest quality results while minimizing environmental and health impacts is always our number one goal.

Communication is crucial both between our project managers and clients and amongst our team of professionals. We utilize integrated design to bring all trades, designer, contractor and clients are on the same page before the project commences.

Do you have the desire to alter your home but don’t know where to begin? We can help!


Whether you are looking to build a new home or simply renovate a bathroom, we would love to manage the job for you. With years of experience of a wide variety of builds and designs, there is no job beyond our scope.

We are highly personable and in constant communication with our clients, outlining project costs, unforeseen changes and adapting timelines to circumstances if they arise. We have our own team of carpenters to take on aspects of a build from deconstruction, framing to fine finishing.

We meticulously select trades that are trust-worthy, friendly and produce high-end results. Whether it's a new build or renovation, you can be assured to feel at ease with our team in your home.

New Houses

We have managed and constructed new homes built using a wide variety of techniques - from traditional, to modern, to timber frames.

The biggest benefit of building new, aside from a blank slate to design, is the ability to build to the highest energy and water efficiency.

Being large proponents of Passive House, we would steer clients in that direction as the utility savings pay off the slight increased build cost (7-8%) in under 10 years - and that's just looking at the build economically.

We strive to build thermally comfortable, healthy homes so that you and your family can fluorish within your new home. Again we look to incorporate reclaimed and upcycled materials where possible to give a sense of history to a brand new space.

Reclaimed Wood

We are fortunate to live in a province and city with such a rich wood history. We do not demolish homes and spaces, we deconstruct and reclaim all the wood componants of a home we can.

We utilize the salvaged lumber from a house as the finishes to put right back in the space, giving it a warm and homey feel. 

We build reclaimed wood furniture with left over reclaimed lumber and always urge our clients into re-purposing floors and existing details where they fit into the new design. We upcycle hardware, fixtures, doors and any details we can squeeze within the clients tastes.


The first principle of sustainabilty is to maintain and upgrade the footprint that is already there.

When taking on a renovation project we peel back the layers of the house as is necessary to ensure we are re-building the home to last.  We leave no stone unturned in the remodel zones of the home and ensure the highest quality craftsmanship from all trades.

Whether you have a renovation project small or large, we would love to have a look to see how we can create better use of space and better value from your home.


Traditional demolition is one of the most wasteful processes in our society. Most building components can be either recycled or re-used in another project. To see an old building turned into a pile of rubbble destined for the landfill is not only non-sensical but also extremely wasteful.

Deconstruction is a process that dismantles buildings piece by piece in order to separate appropriate materials to the proper recycling depots. Any elements of the building that can be re-used such as cabinets, windows and doors, flooring and all lumber are removed skillfully and brought to the appropriate recyclers.

We keep any dimensional lumber for our projects, either in house finishes or client furniture. Ideally we deconstruct lumber from a house to then process and put back in as the finishes.