About Us

We are a sustainable contracting company that focuses on green renovations and new home construction as well as systematic deconstruction of existing buildings and spaces. We pride ourselves on doing the highest quality work, the right way the first time, by staying educated on the latest building techniques and materials. This allows us to apply these eco-friendly processes to all of our projects in order to minimize both the environmental impact and the negative health impacts to our clients, while producing energy efficient homes.


Adam Corneil

Adam has been involved in the construction industry over fifteen years. Working on framing and cabinet crews between university he began to shape his hands-on skills while learning about conservation and sustainability. Over the years he has honed his carpentry and project management skills on large capital projects running the gamut of styles from modern multi-unit buildings to green renovations to custom timber frame homes.

Adam's motto is simple: "Live Sustainability." The desire to build homes in an environmentally friendly fashion stems from a fundamental belief in consciously choosing products and materials that least impact the environment and an individual's health. This belief extends into every aspect of his life from clothing and fabrics to soaps and diet. With a love for the outdoors and mountains as his playground, his desire is to build great healthy homes with minimal environmental impact so together we can do our part to leave a better planet for future generations.

Sam Boot

"The Legend"

Born in England, Sam has been involved in the world of building for the past 8 years and qualified as a Carpenter 5 years ago. Being Passionate about natural building has led Sam all over the planet to experience different cultures and their building techniques. Sam’s favourite style of carpentry is working with reclaimed wood, dusting if off and giving it a new life with a different identity.

Having grown up on board a yacht in his early years, Sam has acquired an intrinsic connection with the natural surroundings and is passionate about understanding how communities can live more harmoniously with the land. This appreciation and fascination for sustainability has led him to discover the concept of ’Permaculture’ that has now become a primary focus for him, gaining the skills necessary to create and run his own micro Farm and become a Permaculture designer. Sam wants to facilitate and help spread awareness about what it means to truly live ‘Sustainably’ and in synchronization with the planet and each other.


I have worked with many builders, and I only work with builders who meet my expectations. The measurement I use is passion, pride, steadiness and thinking of the big picture to evaluate value of the work we do together. I find Adam and his team are well balanced to have all of these aspects and I would work with him again without hesitation.

Dai Ona 
Daizen Joinery Ltd.

Adam and the team at Naturally Crafted are a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to any of my family, friends and clients. The job site is always clean, well organized and smoke free. Adam communicates clearly, and is quick to respond to my phone calls and emails. We always look forward to the next project with Naturally Crafted Contracting.

Karl Dempsey
Orange Electric Ltd.

Working with Naturally Crafted has been a pleasure. You can count on their site to be clean and ready for the job at hand. Adam and his crew are always courteous and knowledgeable about the work to be done. The end product is something Waterline is proud to have been a part of.

Alex Woolam
Waterline Plumbing

As both a commercial and custom residential designer, I've worked with all facets of the business, all levels of trades and General Contractors.

For this personal, residential project, not only did I find Adam and his team more than professional, but a pleasure to work with, extremely thorough, detailed and creative - which as a designer is a most valuable asset.

Adam’s inherent drive, calm natures and eagerness to please allowed them to excel, in even the most customized areas. Further, it allowed them to problem solve and provide solutions in a timely manner. When it came to budgeting- it was open book. They were always upfront with quotes, if requested, and it was provided it in a timely manner.

When questions arouse from our end, they were easily clarified, and fairly negotiated when necessary. In the case of deficiencies (which every project has), their follow through was exceptional, which in my experience, is few and far between.

All in all, coming to a job site filled with positivity, can be a rare find- no matter what level of design or renovation. I would recommend Naturally Crafted for both residential and/or commercial work - their business acumen and personal commitment would be valuable to any project.

Jennifer Brock
THOM Design


Naturally Crafted intends on influencing the way individuals live. We want to aid families to live more sustainable, healthy lives through smart and efficiently designed spaces as well as active, edible yards and communities. Our construction practices start with systematic deconstruction, salvaging and recycling, minimizing waste to our landfills and build with reclaimed and healthy materials that will least affect our clients’ and the planet’s health. Your home is an extension of you and we want to help you achieve your ideal lifestyle.

We shape our clients' vision from a concept to an efficient and practical end product through integrated design from our management, design, and trade team.

Building sustainable spaces for your conscious lifestyle.